Math Worksheets for First Grade Kids

Here is a range of printable worksheets for Grade 1 kids that will sharpen and strengthen their math skills. These worksheets include various new topics like fractions, Venn diagram, bar graph, pictograph, tally charts as well as topics like time, addition and subtraction which kids have already studied in lower grades. But, these worksheets will allow kids to build advance level skills in topics which they have already studied. Kids will learn subtraction and addition of double digit numbers and much more. The graph and tally charts worksheets will help kids develop the analytical and data presentation skills.
addition Addition
bar-graphs Bar Graphs
fractions Fractions
length Length
money Money
pictographs Pictographs
picture-graphs Picture Graphs
subtraction Subtraction
tally-charts Tally Charts
time Time
venn-diagrams Venn Diagrams
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