Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays and what better way to keep the younger ones busy than by providing them with these fun-filled coloring pages, especially while you make your final Thanksgiving dinner preparations. Every child loves to color pictures and it is even more fun if they are able to select the pictures they would prefer to color.

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We have a great selection of free thanksgiving coloring pages and you can print a few coloring sheets for each child. If you are having family and friends over for your Thanksgiving celebration, why not make up a pack of thanksgiving coloring sheets for each child? You could even offer prizes. Just be sure to give each child a prize: perhaps one for the most colorful picture, one for the neatest coloring, and perhaps one for the child who colors the most pictures. Adapt the prizes to the age level and interest of the children. Make it even more fun and tape the completed thanksgiving coloring pages up where everyone can admire them.

When you make your Thanksgiving To Do List, don't forget to include enough paper for your printer and a selection of crayons or pencils. If you are brave, add some fiber-tip pens - just check that they are fully washable. And be sure to supply enough crayons and pens if you want to keep the peace. Also, adults have rediscovered the joy of coloring, so you may need to include a few extra thanksgiving coloring sheets.

Happy Thanksgiving!