Adjectives Of Quantity

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List of Adjectives of Quantity

Adjectives of quality - or quantitative adjectives - are those that modify a noun or pronoun to tell how much or an amount of. They are usually uncountable in nature, so you have a general idea. (Don’t get them confused with adjectives of number, which describe a specific, countable amount or position/order.) They are often identical to indefinite neural adjectives, but they differ in usage.

• The bowl was almost empty.
Many bees buzzed around the meadow.
Few people like to eat lemons as a fruit.

What Are Examples of Uncountable Adjectives?

Here is a list of adjectives that indicate an unknown, unmeasurable amount -

a little bitfewlittle bitminimumnosingle
a lotfulllots ofminornotablesome
couplelessmassmoreplenty oftens

If you’re looking for more examples of quantitative adjectives, use your thesaurus to find synonyms.

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