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Learning Fractions - Fractions Game

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Second grade is an exciting time in elementary school where students are introduced to the basic principles of fractions, a math concept that can be used daily, even into adulthood. Although it's easy to be intimidated by fractions in early elementary school, our fraction games for 2nd grade are designed to make fractions easy to understand in a fun and interactive way. It's important to build a strong foundation in fractions early on, because they can quickly become more complex and advanced as lessons progress. In this 2nd grade fraction games, kids will be introduced to the concept of simple fractions through shapes like circles, squares and rectangles. The animated lesson will be followed by several exercises that will give kids an opportunity to practice and reinforce their knowledge of fractions. Our fraction games 2nd grade integrate colorful graphics like fish, trees, beakers, and geometric shapes to demonstrate that the concept of fractions is universal and can be used to describe parts of anything.

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