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Mixed Fraction Maze - Fractions Game

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A stimulating maze game that will glue you to your seat until you finish all the levels. This game is adeptly designed for Fourth Grade kids to help them understand how to convert mixed fractions into improper fractions. In this game, kids have to make their scorpion eat bugs in the maze that represent correct answers. Each bug is color coded with answer options. For this kids would have to use the arrow keys to move their scorpion in the maze and answer as many answers they can. This game is a perfect way to practice converting mixed fractions into improper fractions and improver hand eye coordination as well.

How to play Mixed Fraction Maze

Each bug of different color and represents an answer option. You would have to eat the bugs in the maze that answers the given question correctly. To move your scorpio in the maze, use keys a, w, s, d for left, top, down and right direction respectively.