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Math Problems for 2nd graders

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Math Problems for 2nd graders

Math becomes a more serious subject for 2nd graders, as they begin to increase their understanding of mathematics in the world around them. Math problems for 2nd graders focus on using basic skills and working them into real world scenarios. They should also have a firm grasp on basic shapes and how numbers create patterns. Basic skills like telling time and identifying money start to make more sense to them as they incorporate them into their daily lives.

What Math should a 2nd Grader know?

Addition & Subtraction

Learning basic addition and subtraction skills builds a firm foundation for a 2nd grader’s mathematical future. It helps them not only see how numbers work together, but also relate them to the real world. Practicing basic facts along with the beginnings of skip counting can keep students working towards more difficult concepts.

Data Interpretation

Learning how to collect data and interpret it for reasoning and understanding is a skill that begins in the 2nd grade. Students learn how to use the data in charts and graphs, and how to interpret those for more detailed understanding as well as gaining an overall picture.


Measurement isn’t just blocks and rulers, but also incorporates units of time and calendars and money skills. Learning the basic units used for measurement gives students the vocabulary to talk about measurement in a universal way. Identification of coins and bills, and learning how to count by each transfer into skip counting skills for the future and also helps negotiate units of time. In addition, learning to tell time on both a digital and analog clock helps students to begin to understand seconds, minutes, and hours.

Basic Geometry

Learning the names of shapes in their 2D and 3D forms and how they fill the space around them are essential skills. Angles, edges, vertices, and solids are all parts of geometric shapes that students need to understand before moving onto more difficult concepts. Lines of symmetry is also a skill that will help students visualize fractions and help them to understand more geometry as they increase in their skills.

How Turtle Diary’s Math Problems Help 2nd Graders Master the skills?

Skill-Specific Quizzes

Turtle Diary offers a variety of skill areas with specific quizzes under each one. Everything from remediation on skills like "Counting" to complex genres like Fractions can be found on Turtle Diary, with multiple opportunities to practice under each one. In addition, the quizzes can be taken either online or downloaded for easy, on-the-go practice. No matter what math area you’re looking for, you can find it on Turtle Diary.

Real-World Numbers

Turtle Diary’s math questions for 2nd graders focus on real understanding of where numbers come from and how they are used in the world. "Ways to Make a Number" quizzes help students not only solidify their addition and subtraction skills, but also see them in a new way so that they can begin to understand more complex skills coming in the third grade. Quizzes here also help students test their skills in dates and telling time , as well as measurement and money.
Turtle Diary offers a variety of math questions for 2nd graders that will not only help them to strengthen their skills, but also to gain practice that will help them succeed in the classroom. Trying different quizzes and building their mathematical foundation will give students the practice that they need to use their new skills in the classroom and beyond.