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Decimals are incredibly useful in the language of mathematics: they are much easier to write than fractions, especially on a smart phone, tablet, or computer; they are much simpler to understand than mixed numbers; and they can streamline math by using rules that are more similar to the ones used for whole numbers. A significant difference between decimals and fractions is that fractions use whole numbers and mixed numbers, while decimals use rational and irrational numbers. Irrational numbers are defined as numbers that cannot be expressed as fractions per se.

Decimal numbers are touted as a way to save space when writing fractions, especially in scientific applications. If students do not fully understand how decimals work, this lack of understanding can cause significant problems in the future, as they build upon this pivotal knowledge. A wide variety of learning styles occur in nature, from visual and auditory learners to tactile learners who learn best by touching and doing. Physically touching a math problem can be challenging, so having tactile learners participate in a dividing decimals video or a multiplying decimals video would be a good way to help them understand and internalize these concepts.

At, parents and educators will find a very wide range of high-quality decimal videos that will help all types of learners enhance their understanding of these core concepts. Topics that are covered by the decimal videos include adding and subtracting decimals, comparing and ordering decimals, rounding decimals, comparing decimals and fractions, converting decimals to fractions, converting decimals to mixed numbers and equivalent decimals. Cornerstone ideas, such as a video on What is a Decimal?, set the stage for positive learning. Auditory and visual learners will appreciate the approach of the videos, which incorporate stories, practices, games, and additional worksheets to create a truly comprehensive learning approach.

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