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What are Verbs?

Verbs are parts of speech that show an action or state of being.

For example:

Jumping, singing, playing, etc.

In a sentence, the verb usually explains what the subject is doing or feeling.

For example:

  • Sam eats pizza. (explains what Sam is doing)
  • Carlos walks slowly. (explains what Carlos is doing)
  • Marla mixes the batter. (explains what Marla is doing)
Action Verbs

There are two main types of verbs: action verbs and being verbs. Action verbs show a physical or mental action, something that a person can actually do.

For example:

  • Tori hits the tennis ball.
  • Mark catches the ball.
  • Alisha plays the game.
  • Henry tickles the baby.

Hits, catches, plays, and tickles are all things that a person can actually do. So, these are called the actions verbs.


  • Verbs are one of the eight main parts of speech. They show action or state of being.
    • Selena feels hungry.
    • The dog barks at the intruder.
  • Verbs that show an action are called action verbs. An action verb is something you can do.
    • I like cheese ← Not an action verb
    • I eat cheese ← Action verb

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