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Subtraction Math Quizzes for Kids

Grade: All  | First  | Second  | Third
Now that your little one has a grasp on addition, challenge them to practice subtraction in a fun and engaging way. Turtle Diary offers comprehensive subtraction practice, following educational modules with an applicational subtraction quiz.Our math quizzes will prepare your child for his or her elementary school curriculum and place them ahead of the curve. Check out our math quizzes for kids below!

Subtracting Two Numbers Within 20

Subtract a One-Digit Number from a Two-Digit Number - within 20

Subtraction Sentences up to 20 - on Number Line

Ways to Make a Number Using Subtraction Part 1

Ways to Make a Number Using Subtraction Part 2

Which Sign Makes the Number Sentence True?

Subtraction Input/Output Tables - within 20

Ways to Make a Number using Subtraction - within 100

Complete the Subtraction Sentence - Within 1000

Subtract Numbers up to Three Digits (Within 1000)

Balance Subtraction Equations up to Three Digits (Within 1000)