1st Grade Math Games

Fun with First Grade Math Games

Kids are ultimately looking for fun online especially when it comes in the form of amazing graphics and engaging sounds. Parents are often looking for a way for their kids to practice the skills they’re learning in the classroom. Turtle Diary provides the best of both worlds, with amazing educational games created by experts.

1st grade math games on Turtle Diary include Common Core standards. Parents know their kids are gaining valuable addition and subtraction skills while playing these games.

Scaffolded games lead kids through a three-step process. Review questions and current problems will keep students on their toes. This way they are constantly reviewing and learning new skills.

A few challenging problems are thrown in as well to keep them working hard. The skills are repackaged in the form of a new game, so students never get bored playing these games.

What Math Games for 1st Grade Are the Most Fun?

Animated Graphics

Kids love sharp graphics that keep them entertained and coming back for more. Some of the best online math games for kids showcase imaginative characters pegged against each other in some sort of race or battle. Kids can practice addition without becoming bored of the process.

Students have to use rapid recall and quick processing speed to answer questions in order to beat the race against time or an opponent. Kids love this fun way to improve their recall speed with anticipatory sound effects and characters that rely on their expertise.

Interesting Settings

Solving math facts will save the dragon, move the car, or get the cool animal to the next level. Turtle Diary frequently gives kids imaginative, futuristic graphics and anticipatory music that drives them to the next step.

Games begin everywhere from ice floes with penguins to racetracks with formula one cars. Students will never get bored with the variety of games that help them practice their first-grade skills. Addition and subtraction are no match for the fun on Turtle Diary.

Why are these games better than other online math games?

Repetitive, But Not Boring

Kids don’t mind repetition if it’s presented in an interesting way. Turtle Diary games present the same skills in different formats so kids don’t get bored with the process. Rote learning with flashcards can work in the beginning, but it does nothing for processing speed if the student isn’t engaged.

Repetition is the best way to master some foundational skills like basic math facts, and then move on to seeing them in real world scenarios. Kids in today’s world don’t want to tote around baggies of flashcards. Instead, they have educational math games online to practice their basic skills in a fun online setting.

Disguised Drills

Drills are disguised as a fun addition or subtraction game, where animals play sports and fantasy characters need your math skills to protect themselves from dragons. Even monster trucks propel faster down a track with each correct math fact answered.

Turtle Diary scaffolds learning, taking kids one step at a time through the first grade basics, adding and encouraging them along the way. While they may be making a stickman climb a rope, they’re actually practicing basic math facts in an imaginative way.

Stealthy Embedded Learning

Kids will leap at the chance to play games, drawn in by the colorful graphics. Old favorites like Connect Four take on new life in a digital format. Fantastic graphics can make animated penguins shoot hoops and dragons fire slingshots. Students are eager to take their turn at one of the many math games available.

What they don’t realize is that learning is embedded into every one of Turtle Diary’s math games. A relaxing Color by Number on Turtle Diary has multiplication embedded in it so they can practice while coloring a graphic.

Stealthy embedded learning helps kids to want to do the things their parents recommend without feeling the need to buck the prescriptive authority.

How can I help my first grader love math?

Praise & Encouragement

Students in first grade need to be encouraged and praised to continue to love learning. Math can become difficult easily if students don’t grasp those initial concepts. The further behind you get, the harder it is to catch up.

Playing games to improve your math skills online will help young students be prepared for the next level of math. You can even join them in play, challenging each other to a high score or facing off in a multiplayer challenge.

Connect with Friends

Showing your student that their friends practice at home as well can be a gamechanger. Multiplayer math games on Turtle Diary are the most popular games we have. Students can either play against a computer or they can link up with another player.

They can be paired with another player somewhere online and challenge them to a variety of matches. Teachers are also able to provide their students with unique codes so they can play with classmates after school.

Connect with other parents and see if your students can have a virtual study session disguised as a virtual playdate. You can trust them to choose their own game, knowing that whatever they pick they will be practicing key skills. Mastering math facts is the ultimate goal so students will be prepped for their future. Concepts will be more complex with each new level of math.

The more kids practice their mathematical skills, the more adept they’ll be at the subject as a whole. Playing a wide variety of games that take you through various skills is the best way for kids to have fun playing math games online without the stress of homework or forced practice. They will come back again and again while reinforcing their skills with every click.

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