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Addition Math Quizzes for Kids

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Learning addition is a critical component of early childhood education. Addition represents the foundation of your child's mathematical understanding. Help your kid get much need addition practice using our addiction quiz. The quizzes for kids offered on our site are designed to encourage children to challenge themselves to build upon their mathematical knowledge in a fun way. To get started on one of our math quizzes, click below.
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Addition Sentences Within 20

Addition Sentences - True/False

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Adding a 1-Digit Number to a 2-Digit Number (by counting on)

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Ways to Make a Number Using Addition (Within 20)

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Addition Strategies: Using Doubles

Adding Three One-Digit Numbers (Sums up to 20)

Addition Strategies by Making Ten

Regrouping Tens and Ones

Adding a 1-digit Number to a 2-digit Number (with regrouping)

Calculating Triples and Four Times

Addition Input/Output Tables - within 20

Balance Addition Equations - within 20

Addition Sentences for Arrays

Add Two 2-digit Numbers - Within 100

Ways to Make a Number Using Addition - within 100

Addition Input/Output Tables - within 100

Balance Addition Equations - Within 100

Add Two Three-digit Numbers

Complete the Addition Sentence - Within 1000

Properties of Addition

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Properties of Addition: Missing Numbers

Add Two Numbers up to Three Digits (Within 1000)

Complete the Addition Sentence up to Three Digits (Within 1000)

Balance Addition Equations up to Three Digits