First Grade Measurement Worksheets

First grade measurement worksheets build upon the foundations of measurement that students learned in kindergarten. The worksheets use real life objects, such as rulers and pens, to estimate height, length, and depth of items that students see every day. First grade also takes it a step further by learning halves, quarters, and sixteenths of an inch, making it a little more complicated for some students. This is where worksheets come into play.

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See All has a variety of 1st grade measurement worksheets for every area that a student needs to practice. Word problems are a great to cause children to think critically about the skill of adding money together, for example, measurement worksheets include an object associated with a certain amount of money. The word problems ask how much money it will be for the cost of two objects. Students will use the basic concept of adding, along with the measurement of money, to figure out the final answer. In doing so, first grade measurement worksheets set students up for success in everyday life.

Time is another important concept to be mastered in first grade measurement. Students will learn the difference between the long hand and the short hand of a clock, as well as gain a more comprehensive understanding of time. These worksheets have students place the correct hand on the clock to solidify the knowledge that they have already learned. By getting practice and repeating this skill repeatedly, children will learn to tell time naturally.

Mathematics worksheets are a fun way for students to take what they have learned during the school day and practice it at home. The more practice they get, the more they will understand the concept. Learning through worksheets also gives children a sense of independence, which improves self-confidence.