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Geometry Math Practice

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Learning geometry is more than just identifying shapes, it is a complex mathematical system that also incorporates points, lines, and planes. Help you little one start off on the right track with this tricky subject using our geometry practice materials. Turtle Diary offers an array of math quizzes aimed at challenging and exciting your child. The geometry practice test will test your children's conceptual foundation and show them the areas in which they have room for improvement. Click below to get your child started on our interactive geometry quiz!
For students:
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Identify 2D Shapes Part 1

Sides, Corners, and Angles of Shapes

Edges, Vertices, and Faces of Solids

Relate Planar and Solid Figures

Identify 2D Shapes Part 2

Lines, Line Segments, and Rays

Parallel, Perpendicular, Intersecting Lines

Angles of 90, 180, 270, and 360 Degrees

Types of Angles Part 2

Simple and Complex Polygons

Concave and Convex Polygons

Regular and Irregular Polygons

Lines of Symmetry Part 2

Combinations of Transformations

Calculate Radius, Diameter, and Circumference

Classify Triangles by Angles

Classify Triangles by Sides

Partitioning Rectangles

Reflection, Rotation, and Translation