Why Should Kids Play Online Math Games?

Why Should Kids Play Online Math Games?

No matter what their age, all kids hit a point where they just don’t want to practice anymore.  Flash cards become dull and worksheets just aren’t doing the job anymore.  But math doesn’t have to be boring.  By offering kids the opportunity to play math games, you are giving them the chance to have fun and keep learning while they increase their math skills each time they play.  

How Do Math Games Help Kids to Build Math Skills?

Repetitive, Not Boring

Oftentimes, kids get stuck in a worksheet rut at school, with flashcards making rote memorization dull and frequent completion of busywork sucks out the fun of learning new concepts.  Sites that offer a wide variety of games in multiple subjects that help kids to reinforce their skills with different scenarios each time help kids to come back for more.  

Multiple Skills at Once

Often online math games will help kids to reinforce their hand-eye coordination and their motor skills while still practicing the necessary skills to succeed at math.  Real world examples might force them to use higher order thinking in order to arrive at the correct answer.  Or, they may need to put multiple steps together in order to solve a word problem.  Using logic to negotiate a plan in their brain enhances their building skills and makes them more equipped for the real world.

Visual & Auditory Memory

When you play math games, some kids do better with auditory skills, but visual learners love to see the numbers.  By playing games, you pull in the kinesthetic element of learning, reinforcing the facts in a variety of pathways to the brain.  This enhances repetition and helps the child learn the concept faster.  

Why Are Turtle Diary’s Math Games the Best for My Kids?

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Fun & Interactive

Who can shy away from colorful graphics and exciting animations?  Not many kids can resist the temptation to play an online game, so why not use it to your advantage by making what they play educational?  From Match the Analog Clock to Connect Count by 10, students will be practicing and grasping necessary skills while they are cheered on by fun characters and exciting music and celebratory graphics for correct answers.  One of our favorite multiplayer games is Math Bingo, where you race to cover your board of math facts by calculating the correct answers before your opponent.


Free math games online are a parents’ best friend, as your child can practice them from anywhere that has WiFi access.  Pulling up Turtle Diary on a smartphone or tablet device will enable kids to practice on the go while having fun in the process. 


Tons of math games for kids can be found right on the Turtle Diary website.  It doesn’t matter what your skill level is or what grade you’re in, there are tons of games that will help you to not only practice a variety of concepts, but also master them by playing different variations of the same concepts. For example, if your child is working on mastering Mean, Median, Mode, and Range, there are games for each particular topic, in addition to specific games that help you to calculate each one, like Calculating the Median.  With exciting music and celebratory graphics, your kids will be sure to come back again and again to Turtle Diary to practice…even if they think they’re just having fun!

Whatever you’re looking for in a math game, you’ll find it right here at Turtle Diary.  From an incredible variety for any grade level with awesome graphics and motivational elements to the ability to play anywhere you want, Turtle Diary will be your math games best friend.