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Math Problems for 3rd graders

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Math Problems for 3rd graders

For 3rd graders, addition and subtraction have already become the foundation for their mathematical skills, and they are moving on up to multiplication and division. Skip counting should have given them the structure for the understanding of these two operations, and understanding that multiplication is just grouping numbers together becomes the base. They should already understand place value and basic operations, including word problems and beginning geometry. Math questions for 3rd graders will take a big step up into more complex skills.

What Math should a 3rd Grader know?

Mental Math Skills

Skip counting helps 3rd graders have the rote memory of numerical relationships even before they understand what multiplication and division is. Practicing skip counting and learning how to estimate and add by fives and tens in their heads not only gives them confidence in finding an answer, but builds a foundation for more advanced operations and concepts.

Multiplication & Division

Bottom line - 3rd graders have to know their multiplication and division facts. They go hand in hand like addition and subtraction, but at a higher comprehension level. Skip counting can help students gain familiarity with the numbers that will be the answers to their multiplication and division facts. Relating multiplication and division can be viewed in a variety of different ways, from whole numbers to arrays to advanced multiplication with two-digit numbers.


Working with number lines and understanding numerical factors can help students to learn fractions. In addition, learning equivalencies so that you can see the relationship between fractions will help 3rd graders to succeed with this concept. Looking at fractions in terms of baking often helps 3rd graders to grasp fractions.

Charts & Graphs

Being able to interpret graphs that have to do with real-life concepts such as weather helps students to learn the basics. Eventually they will understand graphs and plotting, and be able to use these skills to graph more complex skills when they get to algebra and trigonometry.

How Turtle Diary’s Math Problems Help 3rd Graders Master the skills?

Skill-Specific Quizzes

Turtle Diary offers a variety of skill areas with specific quizzes under each one. Everything from remediation on skills like "Date & Telling Time" to complex genres like Statistics can be found on Turtle Diary, with multiple opportunities to practice under each one. In addition, the quizzes can be taken either online or downloaded for easy, on-the-go practice. No matter what math area you’re looking for, you can find it on Turtle Diary.

Mathematical Relationships

Turtle Diary’s quizzes not only help students to solidify their basic mathematical skills, but it also helps students to see the relationships between the operations. Quizzes like "Relate Subtraction and Multiplication with Division" and "Division Sentences", students learn to recognize these relationships and practice the skills that help them see these skills in other mathematical situations.
Turtle Diary offers a variety of math problems for 3rd graders that will not only help them to strengthen their skills, but also to gain practice that will help them succeed in the classroom. Trying different quizzes and exploring mathematical relationships will give students the practice that they need to use their new skills in the classroom and beyond.