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Whole Number Math Quizzes for Kids

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Turtle Diary offers interactive whole number practice materials designed to strengthen your kid's mathematical foundation. Math can be a tough and intimidating topic, but our activities remove the intimidation from learning. Our quizzes for kids are geared to help kids learn and boost their confidence. Our math quizzes are so fun and engaging you won't have to beg your child to study, he or she will want to learn more every day!
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Count Tens and Ones Within 100

Comparing 2-digit Numbers (Using Symbols)

Ordering 2-digit Numbers

Place Value Models up to Hundreds

Expanded Form of Numbers

Counting Patterns within 1000

Comparing Three Digit Numbers

Estimate Sums: Word Problems

Place Values up to Thousands

Properties of Even and Odd Numbers

Addition Patterns Over Increasing Place Values (Within 1000)

Subtraction Patterns Over Increasing Place Values (Within 1000)

Place Value Models up to Ten Thousands

Convert Between Place Values

Compare Numbers up to Billions

Inequalities Involving Multiplication and Division

Prime and Composite Numbers

Even and Odd Numbers Part 2

Even and Odd Numbers Part 1

Place Value Models - Tens and Ones