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Conjunctions are parts of speech that join thoughts and ideas together within a sentence. They enable flow through sentences, and keep speech from being choppy by linking words, phrases, and clauses.

Identifying Conjunctions in a Sentence Part 1

Completing Sentences using Conjunctions

Identifying Conjunctions in a Sentence Part 2

Coordinating conjunctions are the easiest to remember by using the acronym FANBOYS. See the chart below for these examples. They join clauses, phrases, and words together of somewhat equal standing. The key to FANBOYS is that you must use a comma before each when they link two independent clauses.

Identifying the Coordinating Conjunction in a Sentence

Choosing the Correct Coordinating Conjunction to Complete a Sentence Part 1

Choosing the Correct Coordinating Conjunction to Complete a Sentence Part 2

Subordinating conjunctions are used to join dependent and independent clauses to show cause and effect or other relationships. The subordinating conjunction must stay with the dependent clause in the sentence, and uses a comma when it starts the sentence.

Identifying the Subordinating Conjunction in a Sentence

Choosing the Correct Subordinating Conjunction to Complete a Sentence Part 1

Identifying the Conjunction as Coordinating or Subordinating Part 1

Correlative conjunctions are always used in pairs to relate one part of a sentence to another. They have both a coordinating conjunction with an adjective or adverb.

Identifying Correlative Conjunctions

Identifying Correct Use of Correlative Conjunctions

Choosing Correct Correlative Conjunction

Applying Verb Agreement with Correlative Conjunctions

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