Fourth Grade Games

Sometimes it can be a challenge to keep 4th grade students engaged and excited about learning. Our online games for 4th graders are perfect for teaching students challenging subjects. From memory games to puzzles, we offer a wide variety of educational fourth grade games in our collection. Each one is fun, interactive, and sure to maintain every students' attention while sparking motivation to learn.

Fourth Grade Skills

Fourth graders come into their intellectual own this year - pushing, prodding, and asking question after question. Their developing opinions punctuate conversation, demonstrating they’re now independent thinkers. They love to explore on their own, diving deeper into meaningful, high-interest topics.

Language Arts

  • Reading comprehension
  • Active & critical listening skills
  • Critical thinking skill development
  • Increased vocabulary acquisition
  • Creative projects demonstrating deeper understanding
  • Reading fluency
  • Note-taking basics
  • Composition (including using the writing process)
  • Writing to describe, entertain, explain, persuade, etc.
  • Detailed revision skills and editing, including peer review
  • Oral presentations


  • Regrouping in addition and subtraction
  • Place value, especially in money
  • Fractions & Decimals
  • Using fact families to see number relationships
  • Perimeter, area, and square units
  • Mean, median, and mode
  • Traditional and metric measurement systems
  • Long division with double-digit divisors
  • Multiplication with 2- & 3-digit numbers
  • Basic calculator skills & mental math skills


  • Scientific method and inquiry-based learning skills - asking “why?”
  • Scientific analysis, prediction, observation, and consideration
  • Matter and energy
  • STEM
  • Solar system and the universe
  • Relationships between all living things

Social Studies

  • Ancient civilizations
  • American Revolution
  • Geographic tools and vocabulary
  • Civics & Economics
  • U.S. Geography
  • Current events from credible news sources
  • Home-state history studies, including how it became a state

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