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Solar System Games for Kids

The solar system is a complex and diverse subject in science. Yet, it is also exciting to study. Children enjoy looking at pictures of the mysterious planets while in class. Now there is a way for you to bring the classroom into your home. Turtle Diary has developed solar system games to reinforce the material being taught in school. Even though they are based on subject matter covered in the classroom, these learning games are guaranteed to enthrall your child. The games are interactive and include phenomenal graphics and visuals. Your child will love seeing the depiction of the planets and shooting comets around the pulsating sun. The graphics are vivid and attention-grabbing. Your child will not be bored with these science games.

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Solar System Basics

The games include a lesson followed by exercises to test your child's comprehension and memory. The answers are multiple choice and based on the material from the lesson. The lesson from the "Solar System" game covers the eight planets by name, the sun, the moon, comets, and asteroids. The Milky Way is explained, as well as the ordinal position of the planets around the sun.

These solar system games for kids make learning fun and exciting. Your child will want to dive right into the subject matter.


The games are narrated and arrows are used to point out the names of the planets and other objects. Your child will develop a clearer understanding of the solar system after playing the game. Any space game can be played as many times as your child wishes. Repetition is an important component of learning and these games are no exception. You never know, your child may even ask you to play during summer vacation.

Viewing the lesson with your child is time well spent and this way you can answer any questions that may arise. These games are developed to coincide with the grade-appropriate level your child is in at school.