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Division Games for Fifth Grade

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The fifth grade classroom can be a scary place for students and teachers alike. A wide variety of skills are combined during this pivotal year of a student's mathematical learning. Multiplication and division are married with fractions, percentages, and factors. Rules of divisibility are taught and the identification of perfect squares and prime numbers round out the range of theories introduced in this year. To say that students need a solid grasp of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is an understatement-these skills are the critical underpinnings of the entire year's worth of learning; thankfully, these concepts can be reinforced through division games for the 5th grade.

Problem solving becomes even more significant, with order of operations gaining importance as students tackle one and two-step problems and equations. Real-world problems require creative strategies that students must develop in real time. Complexity also increases during this year, with fractions and decimals adding a new dimension to division, with and without remainders. Connections are explored between operations, using the power of time, money, and measurement-and how to perform operations on each subset of data.

TurtleDiary.com's suite of 5th grade division games provide students with additional practice outside the classroom that will be welcomed by teachers and parents. Children can enjoy a game of Division Matrix, one of the engaging and engrossing division games available at TurtleDiary.com that tests mental agility, as well as basic division skills.

Calculators are often also introduced in the 5th grade, giving students an opportunity to work problems quickly, understanding increasingly complicated interactions between numbers without having to work out the sometimes-tedious longer problems. TurtleDiary.com also supports this learning through their Inverse Operation game, which encourages children to work through increasingly complicated problems by using a calculator correctly to attain an accurate answer rapidly.

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