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Date And Telling Time Games for First Grade


Turtle Diary offers a strategic selection of date and time telling games specially designed for students in first grade. First grade is a very exciting time where kids begin to learn how to read clocks, tell time and understand how to read calendars and learn dates and months of the year. It's essential for first graders to develop strong skills in the areas of date and telling time, because these are some of the most applicable skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Although significant educational milestones, date and time telling for is not always an easy skill to build. For this reason, Turtle Diary designed interactive date time telling games for kids to make these concepts easier for kids to comprehend and retain. Our collection of time telling games covers the basics on how to tell time, read analog and digital clocks, and how to convert between the two. Regardless of a child's current knowledge of telling time, our interactive online games are guaranteed to challenge kids' understanding and teach them tips and tricks to help them refine these essential skills.

Date and Telling Time Games
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