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Division for First Grade

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Did you know that the first graders work on division and multiplication? Many parents may be surprised to find out that considerably advanced topics are introduced at a very early age. There are several critical skills that first grade division games should provide, including addition and subtraction skills with numbers up to 20, linear measurements and measuring lengths, as well as composing and decomposing geometric shapes. While state standards vary based on local legislation around curricula, the majority of states agree with the introduction of these topics in the first grade.

Mission Division is a fun and exciting first grade division game designed by TurtleDiary.com to support young children as they learn and practice simple division. Kids are challenged to apply basic knowledge of quotients and division facts while developing logical reasoning skills. Mathematics can employ all learning styles. Hands-on games allow kids who are more interactive learners to garner the same knowledge as others who learn in a more purely visual way. Kids love a challenge, and providing them a way to assess their improvement can motivate them to excel, and achieve an even greater learning and understanding of the topics.

Ongoing practice of the learned skills is vital to ensure that the information sticks in their mind, and can be used to master later skills which are likely to be more involved and challenging. If students don't know the basic mathematical facts by heart, it can negatively impact their ability to comprehend new concepts. Introducing an element of fun into their learning through online and interactive first grade division games keeps their interest level high, giving them the needed confidence to master new skills. Learning division and multiplication can be very difficult challenges for first grade students, so offering them additional learning opportunities at every stage is very important.

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