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Money Games for First Grade


Turtle Diary offers several interactive online money games for first grade to gives kids the opportunity to learn, practice, and master skills related to money. By the time students enter first grade, they should have some basic knowledge of the value that pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters hold. It is during first grade where students then learn how to apply those values to calculate payments using addition. Money skills are exciting for first graders to learn, because they have already experienced the application of money to some extent in real life. Whether at the store checkout line with parents or using a quarter for a gumball machine, kids have had some sort of interaction with money. It's very important and useful for kids to refine money counting skills at an early age in their educational career, because they are skills they will use forever. Turtle Diary's money games give first graders the practice they need to become experts at identifying coins, counting money, and calculating payments. These games incorporate vibrant colors, animations, and sounds to create realistic situations where money transactions occur. Kids will be able to engage and interact with the money games to get a truly unique learning experience. Let the fun begin!

Money Games
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