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Ordering Numbers Games for First Grade


Turtle Diary offers a strategic selection of ordering numbers games for first graders to help teach ordering number concepts and build a stronger foundation in mathematics. By the time students enter first grade, they will have basic knowledge of numbers and their values, but might not fully understand how numbers relate to each other in terms of order and comparisons. Turtle Diary's interactive ordering numbers games will introduce the concepts of comparing number values through greater than, less than, and equal to in a way that is easy for kids to comprehend. Through practice playing these ordering numbers games, kids will better understand how numbers relate to one other in terms of their order, an important concept foundational to more advanced learning in later grades. Not only will these games increase first graders' knowledge of numbers, they will also give kids the opportunity to practice hand-eye coordination as well as mouse and keyboard navigation. Turtle Diary's games are perfect for kids to play in the first grade classroom or at home for extra practice and fun. Let the learning begin!

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