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Shapes Games for First Grade


Turtle Diary's shape games for first graders make learning shapes a unique, interactive experience that can be played anywhere you are - at school, at home or on the go. By the time kids enter first grade, they are probably already able to identify certain shapes in everyday life or at least recognize patterns in objects that look similar. Our shape games for kids aim to teach first graders the names of each shape to help them be able to distinguish between different types of shapes and their identifying characteristics. Turtle Diary's shape games and activities will cover two-dimensional shapes such as circles, rectangles, squares triangles, hearts and more. These shape games incorporate real-life objects for kids to identify as well, to help train them to recognize shapes in objects in everyday life. Once first graders develop confidence in their understanding of the basic shapes covered, they will be ready to be introduced to more complex shapes in later grades. Turtle Diary's online shape games are vividly designed with kids in mind. Through the use of brilliant colors, illustrative animations, and supporting sound effect, our shape games will come to life and captivate kids in a wonderful learning experience that we hope they enjoy. Let the learning begin.

Shapes Games
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