Division Games for Fourth Grade

By the fourth grade, most children have a solid grasp and easy recall of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. In general, they work easily with very large whole numbers and prime numbers, do equations with fractions and decimals, and begin learning about factors and multiples. Chart creation and data analysis of tables and charts are featured prominently in fourth grade classrooms. Division games for 4th grade learners can help students increase their fluency in the language of mathematics.

Around this time, the study of mathematics becomes much more exciting. More real-world applications are available to help children understand how math impacts their lives on a daily basis, including measuring angles, determining perimeter and area, and exploring geometric formulas. Conversion problems with fractions such as those found in recipes are introduced, and students can truly start to see the value of their studies.

A solid grounding in multiplication tables is needed to ensure that children are able to approach division with the correct base of knowledge. Teaching aids such as 4th grade division games are a viable alternative to the endless drills. TurtleDiary.com offers some highly entertaining games such as Quotient Player, where students are required to answer division problems correctly in order to send a ball rocketing toward bowling pins. In Division Matrix, children have a way to polish their division skills and memory by dividing numbers in the number ball within the matrix. These and many other division games for 4th grade learners aim to engage students with different learning styles to help support their overall understanding of math facts and processes. While nothing can fully replace memorization, flash cards, and drills, these fun and educational games can give students a break between bouts of drill overload.

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