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Fourth Grade Language Arts Games


Enjoyable and educational fourth grade Language Arts games allow children to build the English skills they need for success in the fourth grade. These interactive and fun fourth grade Language Arts games can assist the struggling learner by reinforcing concepts and to allow them to succeed. Helping to motivate the fourth grader, the online gaming provides a variety of skill-based activities to make learning fun. Fourth Grade Language Arts games focus on the parts of speech, such as prepositions, coordinating conjunctions, and possessive pronouns. These parts of speech tend to be confusing for some children, as they move from the basic nouns and pronouns to the more complex parts of speech. These enticing games provide hours of educational learning along with academic-filled entertainment for the student. Grasping knowledge of the parts of speech is essential to becoming a fluent reader through the comprehension of text, as well as a better writer.

Language Arts Games
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Fourth Grade English Lessons

English lessons in the fourth grade focus on spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension, reading fluency, reading accuracy, and writing. Within the classroom, the children are being immersed in fourth grade English lessons for a large part of the school day, and the concepts learned can be reinforced at home on the computer with the help of fun and educational games. Fourth Grade English lessons are more intense than the primary grades, as the students are learning how to think critically and more in-depth skills are required of them. With reading fiction and non-fiction texts, the fourth grade English lessons contain concepts such as vocabulary acquisition, more difficult words to spell, and more challenging stories to read. The students are taught on their specific reading and writing levels in order for them to show achievement and stay on their instructional level. Fourth Grade English lessons on the computer allow the students to have a great time while learning on their specific level of instruction.

Fourth Grade English Curriculum

By the fourth grade, students have mastered the primary graded concepts in reading. The fourth grade English Curriculum is very abstract, yet everything involved in teaching throughout the year is connected in some way. The fourth grade English Curriculum is made up of a well-rounded reading program, which contains reading a variety of text and stories, writing on a wide-range of topics, and spelling and vocabulary mastery. This curriculum builds on the foundation of what the students have learned in the ever-important primary grades, and a solid foundation is the key to being successful in the fourth grade English curriculum. Reinforcing skills and concepts already mastered is vital in making the students more confident and getting positive results and challenging the higher-level readers keeps the students interested in being the best students they can be. Enhancing the fourth grade English Curriculum with tools, such as fun and interactive educational games focus on specific skill levels for each individual student.