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Money Games for Kindergarten


Turtle Diary offers a strategic selection of money games specially designed for students in kindergarten. Students in kindergarten are at a very exciting age where they begin to learn how to identify different types of coins and understand the value of a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. It's important for kindergarteners to develop a strong foundation in counting money, because it is one of many skills that have practical and relevant application in real world experiences. Although an important concept, learning about money is not always an easy skill to acquire. For this reason, Turtle Diary has designed a set of interactive money games to make this concept fun and exciting for kindergarten students. Once kids understand and master how to add coins, they will be ready to see how coin's value relates to the dollar bill and bills with higher value. Kids love playing our counting games, because they integrate brilliant colors, vibrant graphics, and supporting audio to cultivate an engaging learning experience. Perfect for supporting lessons in the classroom or even extra practice at home, Turtle Diary's money games are the perfect way to keep kids engaged in study while, most importantly, having fun.

Money Games
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