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Place Value Games for Kindergarten


Turtle Diary's place value games for kindergarteners will introduce students to the concept of the ones and tens place values. By the time students enter kindergarten, they will have a basic understanding of whole numbers and ordering. The introduction to place values in the ones and tens place can be somewhat intimidating, but with a little extra practice, kids are sure to become experts. Place values are simply the value that numbers hold based on its position in a number. Turtle Diary designed place value games for kindergarteners to make the concept of place values more approachable, easy to understand and, most importantly, fun to learn. Our place value games give students the opportunity to better conceptualize what place values look like through illustrations and demonstrations. Designed with brilliant colors and exciting animations, Turtle Diary's place value games allow kindergarteners to interact with objects and blocks representing place value in a fun and exciting way. With just a little practice, we guarantee students will be experts at determining place value in numbers, both small and large. Let the learning begin!

Place Value Games
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