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Probability Games for Kindergarten


Through Turtle Diary's interactive online games for kindergarteners, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of probability. Though the concept of probability might seem advanced for kids in kindergarten, Turtle Diary's probability games teaches students in an innovative way that is easy for them to understand. In these interactive probability games, kindergarteners will learn about likelihood and the meaning of most likely, least likely and equally likely. Being able to distinguish likelihood is the most foundational concept of probability that is important for kids to master at an early age. Turtle Diary brilliantly designed these probability games to captivate kids in education. Through special design elements like graphic pictorials, colorful animation, helpful sound effects and more, our games are guaranteed to engage kids in effective learning. Our interactive games are perfect to complement classroom lecture or to play at home for supplemental practice and concept reinforcement. Who said learning can't be fun?

Probability Games
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