Kindergarten Measurement Games

If you are looking for kindergarten measurement games for your tiny tots, look no further. Kids are distracted easily. Making them pay attention as you pay for items at checkout is a chore. Adding numbers has never been so fun as with our games. Teach your kids the finer points of measurements through innovative play. At Turtlediary, we believe that learning should be fun. Develop your child's analytical skills with Adding Money, teach them the value of currencies with Count Money, teach how many months are in a year, teach telling time with Tick Tock Time, and more. Measurement games for kindergarten are a great way for teaching kids in a way that is fun. Each of the games offers a new challenge to young minds. Take time-telling to the next level with Time Zone that teaches them how to read an analog clock through simple exercises that are easy to follow. Teaching your kids important life skills has never been so easy. Your child's self-confidence will soar after each win. Beating a game also gives your child a sense of accomplishment. We believe that lessons shouldn't always be restricted to a classroom. Play with your kids. Check out the games that we have on offer.

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