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Whole Numbers Games for Kindergarten


Turtle Diary's vast selection of whole number games for kindergarteners gives kids the opportunity to learn about whole numbers and practice application through fun and engaging activities. By the time students enter kindergarten, they will already have a very basic understanding of whole numbers. This elementary knowledge of numbers opens up so many new avenues of concepts and applications to explore. Turtle Diary's whole number games covers a wide variety of whole number practices including counting by twos, fives, and tens, number sequencing, number series, number charts, place values, and comparing numbers. These whole number games are designed with kindergarteners in mind. Turtle Diary incorporates fun design elements such as colorful animations, auditory instruction, sound effects, and vibrant colors to engage and captivate kids in learning. Through practice playing these games, kids will not only develop strong whole number skills, but also be able to practice hand-eye coordination and keyboard exploration. Try playing our games in the kindergarten classroom to complement lecture or at home for a little extra practice. There's always an opportunity to learn!

Whole Numbers Games
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