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Preschool Counting Games


Turtle Diary offers a wide selection of interactive and creative counting games for preschoolers. Preschool is an exciting time where children are introduced to the foundational concepts of math including number recognition, counting, and number matching. Turtle Diary's preschool counting games are designed to engage and excite kids about learning how to count through our colorful and animated game features. From topics such as number matching, number writing, number counting, and abacus counting, our math games cover all of the foundational concepts of counting that preschoolers need to know. By mastering these concepts, students will have a solid understanding of counting and feel ready to approach more advanced math concepts in kindergarten and beyond. Whether at school, in the car, or at home, preschoolers can enjoy learning math in ways that are both fun and exciting. These interactive learning to count games are also a great way to introduce kids to basic computer skills, hand-eye coordination, and mouse navigation. Who said learning can't be fun?

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