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Counting Money Games


Turtle Diary's collection of counting money games for preschoolers introduces kids to the concept of coins and their values. By the time kids enter preschool, they probably know the importance of money as it relates to buying food and toys, but may not understand how our money system works. Our interactive money games give kids the opportunity to explore money in creative ways to learn how to recognize pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, and the value that each holds. By clicking, dragging, and dropping different coins in these games, preschoolers can learn how to identify coins, count them, and add them. Once kids understand how to add coins, they will be ready to see how their value relates to the dollar bill and other bills with higher value. Coin counting is a very practical skill kids learn early on in their educational career and use throughout life, so it's important to master these concepts early on. Turtle Diary's money counting games are designed to help kids master counting coins in a way that is interactive and fun for preschoolers. After playing our games, children might even be ready to test their coin counting skills through practice at the register!

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