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Angle Games for Second Grade


Turtle Diary's angles games for second graders will introduce the concepts of shapes and geometry to students through a fun and interactive learning experience. By the time students enter the second grade, they will already have preliminary knowledge of how to distinguish between shapes by their sides, but might not understand the other identifying characteristics of shapes like angles and points. Our online angles games for kids will cover the different types of angles including acute, obtuse, right, and straight angles, as well as the elements that form angles - rays and points. To illustrate the concept of angles, our games incorporate real life examples to help students relate to and conceptualize these fundamental notions of geometry. With a strong understanding of angles, second graders will be able to approach more advanced geometry concepts with confidence in later grades. Turtle Diary's online games integrate illustrative elements, vibrant colors, and sound effects to make the games come to life for students to immerse them in a unique learning experience. Our hope is that students will be so captivated when playing out games that they don't even realize it's educational.

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