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Division Games for 2nd Grade

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While generally division isn't taught in depth until at least the third grade, the first and second grade teachers begin introducing the concepts that lead to long-form division and simple division through drills like rote memorization and second grade division games. As mathematical concepts become more complex, children are expected to work with numbers far greater than those they can physically count, and concepts such as skip counting will be introduced. Adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers and understanding the meaning of multiplication and division involve fact families up to the number five.

Some children may have been challenged by addition and subtraction in the first grade, and may still be struggling a bit with those skills. If that is the case with your student, the best way to ensure their long-term learning success is to backpedal and reinforce those skill sets, before attempting to work them through multiplication and division. There are many online tools at TurtleDiary.com like second grade division games that provide a solid backbone of mathematics that younger children can build upon through drills, interactive games, and even videos.

Once the core mathematical skills are in place, parents and teachers can begin introducing second grade division games that will challenge children and keep them motivated to learn an exciting range of topics such as money, fractions, multiplication, and number comparison. All of these tools will support children as they begin to develop analytical abilities and prepare to master more complicated materials as they progress through elementary school. You may find that concepts which seemed too challenging in the first grade have had time to sink in and now make perfect sense to your second grader. This is not unexpected, as children learn in different ways and at different rates.

The Mission Division game at TurtleDiary.com provides the second graders with a challenging yet age-appropriate approach to learning division skills in a safe and friendly environment.

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