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Geometry Games for 2nd Grade


Did your kid love math in the first grade and now hates it in the second? Why is that? Has the subject become too dull to peak his/her interest? These games ought to perk them right up. Interactive geometry games from Turtlediary can help. But your child will not be supervised by a teacher, you ask? All of the games on offer are designed by educators and teachers themselves. Rest assured, he/she will be taught according to second grade standards. Not every kid can do computations as fast as the rest of the class. Measurement games from Turtlediary make it possible for your kids to solve problems and tasks at their own pace. Each challenge motivates them and helps them keep up with their classmates at school. Browse through the games that we have on offer. Your kids will learn how to tell accurate time with digital clock patterns, figure out the reasonable temperature of certain objects and more. Learning math should be fun, not a chore. These games are designed to enforce just that. Click through the correct answers and improve your score as you progress. Parents are invited to get involved as well. Here are the games that are on offer.

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