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Counting Money Games for Second Grade


Turtle Diary offers several interactive online money games for second graders to give students the opportunity to learn, exercise, and master skills related to counting money. By the time students enter the second grade, they should already have a preliminary understanding of the monetary value of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. It is in second grade when students learn how to apply the value of coins to calculate payments using addition. Money counting is an exciting skill for second graders to learn, because it is a skill directly related to real life situations they have already experience at the grocery store with a guardian, for instance. Turtle Diary's counting money games reenact real life money counting transactions with realistic sounds and colors so that students can experience the same thrill of a store environment. Turtle Diary's money counting games give second graders the practice they need to become experts at identifying coins, counting money, and calculating payments. Once students master an understanding of coins and how their values relate to the dollar bill, they will be ready to learn bills of higher value. Through playing our money counting games, second graders will be able to engage and interact with coin counting and be immersed in a truly unique learning experience.

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