Area and Perimeter Games for Third Grade

Play Turtle Diary's area and perimeter games for third grade to explore these essential concepts in geometry. Learning about areas and perimeters is such an important math topic taught in third grade, because it is one of the fundamental building blocks of geometry and also holds significant weight and relevancy to every day objects. It's important that third graders build a strong understanding of area and perimeters at this age, so that students can approach more advanced geometric concepts with confidence in the future. Turtle Diary's area and perimeter games aim to clarify students' understanding of areas and perimeters, reinforce comprehension through challenging activities, and foster retention through fun and innovative games. These games incorporate brilliant design elements that are engage students in learning and immerse them in the mathematical world of area and perimeter. After playing these games, students will be able to identify areas and perimeters and know how to calculate each. Whether at school, in the car, or at the house, our games can be played anywhere at your convenience.

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