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Math Games for 3rd Grade

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Math Games for 3rd Grade

After mastering the primary mathmatical concepts, third grade students are introduced to more complex material. To ensure that various concepts of math are reinforced and emphasized properly, Turtle Diary has created a variety of third grade math games that can be accessed at home or school on all devices. These highly interactive and stimulating 3rd grade math games, allow students to master math concepts at their own speed and level.

What Games Are Best for Third Grade?


Teaching kids the basics of probability and the difference between mean, median, mode, and range seems to be a tedious task, but Turtle Diary adds all the fun for third graders. With games created for each piece of this puzzle, kids will never get bored exploring the different uses for both skills

Roman Numerals

While it may seem archaic, Roman Numerals are still used around the world in a variety of ways. Kids need the basics of Roman Numerals to 100 to be functional and to recognize their utility over time. After all, the Super Bowl still uses them!

Telling Time

By third grade, kids should be able to tell both digital and analog time, though some might still have a hard time grasping the concept of one minute vs. 60 seconds. Giving them ample time to practice and sit to "feel" the time pass is key. Games with clocks are fun, and you can always practice time management at home.

Unit Conversion

Metric to standard, measure to volume, students need to have a firm grasp on basic measurements before they find themselves in a lab. Turtle Diary offers a variety of games to prepare them, including rounding and unit conversion to give them extra practice in this area. Look for real-life examples of measurements rather than black-and-white problems.

Basic Measurement

Get their rulers ready and move on to the measurements. Whether unit-based or content-based, measurement is still a vital skill for Third Graders. Look for ones with real life scenarios so they can see when they’ll need this skill.
Keep your third grader immersed in math by allowing Turtle Diary’s fun-filled games to be an everyday option for math review and practice. Your kids will never forget it!

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