English Worksheets for Kids

Language learning is essentially a matter of acquiring the important skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in an integrated manner. Worksheets help to enhance the reading and writing skills of kids. They help to reinforce comprehension, reading, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, structure and writing skills in kids. In today's world, to be successful, it is important to have good communication skills. Hence, it is necessary to know the English language correctly and have a good vocabulary. This builds the kid's confidence and self esteem. Our worksheets are a great tool to language learning.
compound-words Compound Words
long-vowels Long Vowels
sight-words Sight Words
prefixes Prefixes
picture-labeling Picture Labeling
adjectives Adjectives
homophones Homophones
sentences Sentences
short-vowels Short Vowels
synonyms Synonyms
conjunctions Conjunctions
determiners-and-quantifiers Determiners & Quantifiers
prepositions Prepositions
word-building Word Building
antonyms Antonyms
verbs Verbs
comprehension Comprehension
nouns Nouns
spell-words Spell Words
suffixes Suffixes
miscellaneous Miscellaneous
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