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Fourth Grade Multiplication Games

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By the time your child is in the 4th grade, their knowledge of basic arithmetic skills will have solidified, and they should be ready for the more advanced concepts introduced in this pivotal year. By the end of the year, your child will be asked to compare increasingly large numbers, understand the difference between negative and positive numbers, find common multiples, comprehend prime and composite numbers, work extensively with fractions and decimals, and interpret information stored in graphical format.

Knowing the growth in concepts required for this year, multiplication games for 4th grade are even more important to keep multiplication facts at the forefront of your child's mind. Depending on your particular state's standards, mental multiplication and simple mental division may be required in order to work the increasingly complex word problems and fractions. Geometric concepts such as rays, angles, polygons, lines, and the area of a rectangular object are also introduced, all requiring that basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills be second nature. Knowing this, multiplication games for 4th graders are incredibly important to hone a child's skill sets.

Fourth grade math opens students up to a greater spatial understanding of algebra, geometry, measurement, probability, and data analysis. These advanced topics will challenge children. Help them excel by providing multiplication games to refine and continually practice their multiplication facts. This will support their ongoing quest for knowledge as they're presented with these new and complex concepts.

Far from the more simplistic drill-based games for younger children, TurtleDiary.com introduces fun and highly engaging 4th grade multiplication games such as Jump on the Fact, where you "jump" on the correct property of multiplication for any given equation. In The Battle of Factors, kids are challenged to shoot the battleship (with their mouse, of course!) with the correct answer on it, for a fun learning experience they will be begging to continue.

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