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Place Value Games

In our numeric system, the position of a digit in a number determines its value. Though an often tricky concept for children to learn, it is one that is essential for future success in all mathematical disciplines. Our place value math games will help students learn and practice this concept through a variety of stimulating activities. Turtle Diary's place value games will leave kids excited to learn more.

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More Math Activities

Our place value activities are designed for children from kindergarten to the early grades. Using our online place value charts, games and activities, children learn how to read, write, and expand numbers up to the 10,000th place, and to express them in standard, expanded, and word form. The games and activities progress in difficulty, providing challenges in the form of charts, mazes, multiple choice questions, and other fun activities. With our exciting place value activities, kids develop skills that give them an advantage over others who may not have access to quality learning aids.