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Multiplication Games for 2nd Grade

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When children move to the second grade, they begin to get more involved with mathematics, learning ever more advanced skills. They are expected to be fluent in addition and subtraction facts by the second grade, so they can begin two-digit and three-digit subtraction and addition problems of higher difficulty. Their classmates will be working quickly through basic addition and subtraction, so these skills must be a second nature to children to stay in lockstep with the overall class, and not fall behind.

Some new concepts will also be introduced in 2nd grade, including the beginning language of geometry--curves, edges, angles, and faces--used to describe multi-dimensional shapes. Another new skillset children will start utilizing in the second grade math is fractions, starting with the representation of eighths, quarters, thirds, and halves. Multiplication is another field students need to master in this grade. Building on these skills through interactive play, such as 2nd grade multiplication games, will help your student create a solid basis for knowledge, to build upon for many years to come.

Learning multiplication can be more challenging than simple addition and subtraction facts, as it builds upon the knowledge children have already gained. Playing multiplication games for 2nd grade can build their knowledge and cement their understanding of these critical math concepts. Teachers and parents alike know that repetition is critical for learning math, and needs many hours spent with flash cards, worksheets, and other learning tools.

We hope this series of 2nd grade multiplication games, which includes ten fun and interactive card matching games to teach math multiplication facts 1-10, will prove helpful to your 2nd grade scholar. A more challenging Mission Multiplication game brings together the skills your child has gained working through the memory card multiplication games. This capstone game brings cohesion to their knowledge and reinforces the concepts introduced in the individual multiplication set games.

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