Third Grade Multiplication Games

The third grade is a pivotal time for elementary school children, with them expected to read fluently and recall basic addition and subtraction math facts with ease. The recommended math knowledge varies widely from state to state, but most school systems are focused on teaching plenty of math facts in the third grade to prepare children for standardized testing and more advanced thought processes. Multiplication games for the 3rd grade children can be a wonderful way to keep children engaged in what can be a tedious and repetitive process, i.e., solidifying their addition and subtraction facts and building upon those simple basics with multiplication.

Base-ten standards are also introduced in the 3rd grade, including how to count by tens and hundreds up to 1,000 and beyond. Place-value learning is added to the curriculum along with writing numbers up to four place-values. Basic addition and subtraction facts should have been mastered the year before. Your child will need a very solid base of multiplication knowledge in order to begin building equations and multi-step word problems. There are some multiplication games for third grade that you can expect to see your child working through in schoolwork, but these will be mostly paper-based and akin to standard drills.

New concepts this year also include recognizing and writing patterns, more advanced word problems, equivalent fractions, mixed numbers, regrouping, and number lines. Multiplication and division problems with two- and three-digit numbers are introduced, which need a solid basic knowledge of multiplication facts.

To help your 3rd grader excel, it makes sense to incorporate online skill-based learning in their day whenever possible. has created a comprehensive suite of web-based 3rd grade multiplication games that your child or children can access from any computer. These games are created to reinforce the critical concepts that your child is learning in school, giving a solid foundation for the more theoretical mathematical work to come.

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