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First Grade Addition


Addition is one of those math concepts that students focus on most when they're in first grade. First graders will learn how to add up to twenty. They'll also move away from using physical objects to add. Instead, they'll focus on doing the addition in their heads or on worksheets. If a student is struggling, they should try playing addition games for 1st grade. First grade addition games create fun stories that make kids excited to play these games. In one game, students play as an astronaut who needs to use addition to get the fuel necessary to recharge the ship's battery and get back to Earth. In another game, players are on a soccer field, and there are soccer balls coming down in parachutes. The player has to choose the ball with the correct addition problem on it. Then, they can score a goal and win the game. These types of games show students how fun learning can be. When students are playing these games, they'll enjoy themselves so much they'll want to keep playing for hours. And while they're having fun, they'll learn math skills that will help them succeed in the classroom.

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