First Grade Fraction Games

When children come to the first grade, they should have an understanding of halves, thirds, and quarters. Of course, that will be easier for some students than for others. During this year, these concepts will be firmly planted in the pupils' minds, as they learn to recognize the shapes from photos, diagrams, and real life situations. During the first grade, children will learn to write these fractions as numbers, and learn to tell which fraction is bigger. A great way to reinforce classroom lessons is with 1st grade fraction games.

The reason that these activities work so well is that children naturally love to play. They feel so big when they are allowed on the computer. In fact, many students may not even realize that they are learning, as they will be having so much fun. These games are a great way to keep students who finish work early occupied, and are also an awesome method to encourage students who are having a harder time capturing some concepts. Alternatively, since many schools have a computer for each student, some teachers may want to include a special time for these games in their lesson plans.?

While children love fraction games for 1st grade, it is vital that teachers carefully choose these activities. Turtle Diary is a great choice. The instructions are so easy that most pupils will be able to learn to play the activity by themselves. The bright colors will motivate students to want to play, and the storylines are extremely creative. Teachers will find a selection of online activities so that they can choose the ones that will help every individual pupil the best.

Even when teachers assign this work as homework, parents will not complain. In fact, they may encourage their children to keep playing realizing that it helps to build their math skills.

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