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Kindergarten Addition


One of the first math concepts kindergarteners are taught is addition. In classrooms, kindergarteners use objects, worksheets, and simple word problems to begin learning addition. One of the best ways to reinforce these skills at home is to use online addition games. Kindergarten addition games teach students all the different types of basic addition skills. They also help students understand some of the more complex addition theories. When a student is just starting to learn addition, they can play games that show them how to use a calculator, guide them through addition exercises, and teach them addition equations. There are also games that use colors to help students learn how to add simple numbers. Once students have mastered basic addition, they can move on to more complicated addition concepts. When they do that, they can play games that help them learn how to use decomposing numbers, how to make a number line, and how to use an addition matrix. Addition games for Kindergarten cover all addition concepts students learn during their time in school. These games will help students from their first day of kindergarten all the way until the last day of the school year.

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