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Fraction Games for Kindergarten

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While kindergarten may seem an early age to start learning about fractions, students are expected to master some beginning skills. Teachers introduce very basic facts like halves, thirds, and fourths. In fact, many pupils have begun to learn fractions before they even start school, by learning about halves when sharing with their parents and siblings. Therefore, the next logical step is to start playing fraction games for kindergarten.

These online activities are also a great way to introduce children to these concepts while letting them have fun. When you introduce these games, make sure to watch their faces, as they light up with glee as they feel a sense of accomplishment. This is also a great way to introduce children to computer skills, or reinforce those beginning skills they learned at home and in preschool before entering the classroom.

The games from Turtle Diary are some of the best on the internet. They feature storylines that children will love. These kindergarten fraction games are simple enough for children to play on their own, whether in the classroom or at home. Teachers report being delighted by how quickly they see their children progressing when they are engaged with these activities.

Fraction games for kindergarten can be used in so many different ways. Some teachers actually make time-tables for their students to play these games. Others choose to assign them as homework, and still others choose to use them as rewards. Instructors may also choose to use them as productive work for quick learners who always finish their work early. Regardless of the way that you choose to use them, you will be glad that you tried these activities and so will your students.

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