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Third Grade Addition Games


By the end of their time in third grade, students should be able to add two and three digit numbers together. Students will have a much easier time with this if they play addition games for 3rd grade. Here's why these games are so helpful for students who are trying to learn addition. Third grade addition games give students the chance to quiz all addition skills they learn in the classroom. These games cover all types of addition. Third graders can play a game where they get to use inverse operations. They can also play a game where they place numbers in a grid to get them to add up to certain numbers horizontally, diagonally, and vertically. Games like this one help students strengthen their reasoning skills. There are also plenty of games available that make learning addition fun, like a game where students have to help a scorpion get through a maze. And if students are competitive, they'll love playing a game where they compete against the computer to make numbers. It's important that third graders have a firm understanding of addition by the end of the school year. These games help students achieve that goal.

Addition Games
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